The Coaching Service

Coaching is a process that allows the individual to learn more about themselves and decide what areas they would like to concentrate on, allowing them to be more like the person that they would like to be.  Primarily this is about their work but life issues can also be explored to look at the impact they are having on their working life.

The qualified coaches will deliver a professional development service and can include Psychometric profiling (including ability testing) to support the coaching process. This helps to predict job performance, personal development and highlight personal strengths.

The coaching offers up to six one hour sessions and work with Individuals and teams who are committed to changing and keen to develop strategies to help them feel better.  The coach will help them clarify what it is they want to change and work through therapies and techniques that will help them make those changes more quickly.  This can be especially empowering for those who are newly promoted or changing job roles. 

The coach can introduce specialised tools and techniques that allow the team to interact in creating future outcomes. New strategies can be developed in unity, allowing individuals to really connect with the way forward.  The coach will help facilitate these ideas and explore win/win results.

If you would like to have an informal discussion  regarding the service you can do so by contact the coaching team on 5616119

An 8 week course designed delivered every Wednesday.

There is no cost to employees but is £30 for non-employees

Designed to introduce participants to Mindfulness

To find a different way to respond to stress, to take a breath, and get more out of day to day living.

The aim of the course is for delegates to carry out effective and impactful coaching sessions using a variety of coaching techniques and a knowledge of thought processes andf interpersonal skills.